Disagreements Over Chief-Of-Staff Not Personal

Idriss said to have been almost absent in the last three months

A Free Syrian Army source told All4Syria there are no disagreements among the Syrian opposition that led to the resignation of major-general Salim Idriss, but that the weakness of his position was unacceptable, especially after the Islamic Front took over the FSA headquarters, weapons and warehouses.


The source said that Idriss wanted to resign in more than one occasion, was almost absent during the last three months and that his staff were inactive.


"Things are settled now and the new Chief-of-Staff Abdulilah al-Bashir should prove his effectiveness and avoid Idriss' flaws," the source added.


General Secretary of the FSA Captain Ammar al-Wawi, described the resignation as "legal" because the Supreme Military Council was the one who raised the rank of Idriss from General to Major-General.


Wawi said that Idriss gave nothing to the revolution.


"He stayed abroad and followed foreign instructions, he even depended on an ignorant gropu that led him to what we see now," he said.

Wawi said he believed the decision was a natural reaction towards the complains of front leaders who said that they don’t get enough weapons to open new fronts, and that Idriss kept the weapons in the warehouses.

'The decision was late," Wawi concluded.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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