Social Networks Activists Reveal Asma's Trick

The photograph of Asma al-Asssad at refugee camps appears to be fake

A photo of Asma al-Assad visiting a refugees camp has circulated through social networks attracting a number of likes, while others found it provocative. Eventually, the photo proved to be fake.


Beirut-based social networking sites circulated a photo of Asma al-Assad visiting a refugees camp in the countryside of Homs. Regime supporters commented positively on the photo, saying it was a sign of humanity, while opponents accused her husband of killing and displacing innocent Syrians and then sending his wife to visit them in a provocative way.


But the comments became meaningless when other activists revealed that it was a fake photo, and that the original is of the American actress Angelina Jolie during her visit to a refugees camp in her capacity as U.N. Goodwill Ambassador.


The activists wrote in a satirical way that it seems we are back to the days of fake news and photos related to Assad and his wife.


The activists published the original photo beside the fake one, warning the social network users against believing everything published.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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