20 Deaths a Month in Urology Section of Raqqa Hospital

The deaths resulted from the break-down of renal function and dialysis machines


The National Hospital in Raqqa has recorded 68 deaths in three months in the  urology section, among them a child and 13 women, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


The deaths resulted from the break-down of 15 medical instruments and machines related to renal function and dialysis, and lack of maintenance of these instruments. The shortage of functioning instruments forced medical stuff to limit dialysis sessions to thee settings and reduce the time for each setting, to cover as many cases as possible.


The network pointed out the importance of the National Hospital in Raqqa to be the most important hospital and said it was hit by the Syrian regime air forces twice, resulted in the damage to the 12-bed Intensive Care Unit.


The siegehas  affected the hospital like other areas and services.


There are six public medical centres in Raqqa: Gynecology and Labour, Outpatient clinics, Thalasimia and Tuberculosis centre, and the National Hospital. However they are all working at minimal capacity because of lack of resources, stuff and medicine, besides frequent fighting and shelling. 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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