Fatah Announces Initiative for Yarmouk Camp

Fatah says a humanitarian truce has been agreed

The Fatah Movement has announced an agreement on an initiative to end the crisis of Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk Camp outside Damascus.


The Secretary General of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah Movement, Yaser al-Masri, said that "the humanitarian truce" can be considered an attempt to "neutralize" the camp.


In a televised interview, Masri revealed that the initiative is a continuation for that signed by the end of last year. The initiative starts with allowing the humanitarian aid to enter the camp, and ends with evacuating the camp of armed groups.


"What was required from us and from Assad's government was to provide the humanitarian aid. We have already provided aid, now we have to help some sick people to get out from the camp," Masri added.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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