Typhoid Spreads After Siege of Eastern Ghouta

Typhoid fever is spread through dirty food and water

The towns in the eastern Ghouta region are suffering from the absence of services and supplies a s aresult of the siege enforced by Assad troops for over a year.


The situation has led to the outbreak of unfamiliar diseases in the region, including typhoid fever which began to spread recently on a large scale in the besieged towns.


Dr. Ahmad al-Ghoutani said that the main reason for the occurrence of typhoid fever is dirty food and water.


The lack of food in the region has forced citizens to eat the vegetables watered by drainage water, resulting in the spread of the disease.


Ghoutani said treatment for typhoid includes giving the patient antibiotics, "but antibiotics are not available in the besieged areas," he said, lesding to the spread of the disease.


"No deaths are recorded so far, but the situation will become uncontrollable if medical aid and antibiotics are not allowed to enter the region in upcoming days. The disease might become a real epidemic that may kill hundreds of people here," Ghoutani added.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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