Syria Trust for Development Offers Relief to Displaced from Adra

President Bashar Assad visited the Dweir shelter on 12 March

The Syria Trust for Development onTuesday offered relief and humanitarian aid to the displaced people of Adra city who are staying at the Dweir makeshift housing center in the city.


Last December, armed terrorist groups affiliated to the Nusra Front infiltrated Adra, a residential city in Damascus countryside that is home to housing compounds for workers, and committed a massacre against unarmed civilians, causing residents to flee their homes.


The aid offered included food and medical baskets, detergent, wheelchairs, mattresses, mats, kitchen utensils, children’s milk, clothes and blankets and was distributed to 237 families staying at the residential center.


President Bashar Assad visited the Dweir shelter on 12 March and inspected the situation of displaced families there, affirming that the state is going ahead with terrorism combat operations against those who have forced citizens out of their homes and perpetrated hideous crimes against them.


While touring the displaced accomodation and hearing form the displaced about their needs and conditions, Assad said that the state will continue to provide basic requirements to the displaced families until everybody returns home, whether to Adra or any other place.


The Syria Trust for Development is a Syrian non-governmental, non-profit organization which works on supporting and incubating local initiatives, encouraging active citizenship, entrepreneurship and volunteerism, building capacities, sharing knowledge, and establishing partnerships with individuals and civil society organizations to advocate development issues, and expand the space and role of civil society in planning and decision making in the country.


Since 2001, the trust inubated several development projects such as FIRDOS, SHABAB, Massar, Rawafed and the Syrian Development Research Centre.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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