Document Show Assad’s Forces Prefer Older Machine Guns

A leaked official document reveals officials are totally ignorant of the world’s latest developments in the armaments sector

For many years, the Syrian regime’s massive defense and military budget severely restricted expenditure in other areas vital to the nation's social, economic, and educational progress.


The regime relied heavily on huge Russian arms purchases to obtain ancient weapons that had been stored for many years until recently used against the Syrian people, not Israel.


A leaked official document issued by regime’s Ministry of Interior reveals that officials are totally ignorant of the world’s latest developments in the armaments sector, particularly of Russian developments, the largest provider of military ammunition and security in Syria for decades.


In a document obtained by Zaman al-Wasl, directed from the Department of Administrative Affairs to the Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar, dated 26 December, 2012, stated that the Russian company Ross Aborun Export has been addressed in letter No. 6767/B from the army Insurance Office, to provide the ministry with DShK / 12.7 / mm machine guns.


The document continues: "On 14/11/2012 we received the company’s letter No / 9111 / 2-1759, which stated, that the machine gun required is not manufactured by the Russian industry nor available in the Russian defense ministry’s warehouses, but the company can provide the ministry with Kord-12.7 mm machine gun as a substitute for the required ones.


The document concluded with the suggestion of forming a committee to study the technical offer of Kord 12.7 mm, and address the needs of Internal Security Forces’ units, and finally correspond with the army Insurance Office to explain the needs in case the alternative machine gun was accepted.


Al Shaar issued an administrative order to form the committee composed of four officers, headed by the Chief of Armament branch in the ministry, to study the technical offer of the  Kord – 12.7 mm produced by the Russian company Ross Aburon Export as a substitute for (DShK) .


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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