Mass Rallies in Support of Army and Presidential Elections

Workers demonstrated on the occasion of Labor Day


Several marches and events were held on Wednesday across Syrian provinces In support of holding the presidential election and the Syrian Arab Army.


Workers in Tartous organized a mass rally in front of the Trade Union building in the city, expressing their commitment to the national position, support for the army and presidential elections.


Participants expressed confidence that the democratic process will put Syria on an upward course and will strengthen the state’s counterterrorism efforts, adding that participation in the elections is a national duty as it embodies the popular will of the Syrian people.


The Revolution Youth Union in Daraa organized an arts and sports festival at the Martyr Ismael Abu Nabwat School in support of the army and presidential election. The festival featured art and sport shows.


Participants expressed support for the healthy pluralist atmosphere of the upcoming election.


Commemorating Labor Day, workers in Hasaka province expressed support to the army and the upcoming presidential election in a massive rally held outside the Hasaka Trade Union building.


Participants waved national flags and held banners emphasizing national unity and expressing support to the upcoming presidential election.


Workers of Deir El-Zor staged a sit-in in support of the army and the presidential elections. The event, marking Labor Day, was held in front of the Trade Union Building in the city.


Head of the Deir El-Zor Labor Union, Talal Eleiwi said the Labor Day’s celebrations this year come as Syria gears up for landmark presidential elections that will promote the democratic process in the country.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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