Rallies Ahead of Presidential Election

Demonstrators express support for Assad and the army


A number of popular events, activities and gatherings were staged on Thursday across the country ahead of the presidential election.


Participants waved national flags and voiced their support for the presidential election and the army, also expressing their commitment to the national principles.


In Tartous, activities were organized by workers at the Tartous Health Directorate, Health Services' Syndicate.


An event was organized by a number of popular organizations near al-Bassel Park in the city of Tartous.


"The presidential election is a pioneering democratic experience in the modern history of Syria," participants at the event said.


They stressed that it is the duty of every Syrian citizen to go to the ballot boxes and elect a candidate who is able "to bring Syria back to safety" and maintain its sovereignty and independent national decision.


In Damascus, a massive gathering was staged at 29 May Street.


The Al-Ahd Party also organized a festival at Sayyda Zainab in Damascus countryside with civil and popular participation.


In Homs, a mass rally was held in Hafar, east of Homs and oratorical festival in front of Abdel-Hamid al-Zahrawi school.


A mass rally also was staged in Marmarita town and the adjacent villages of Homs countryside.


In Quneitra, citizens of Jaba village and the surrounding villages in al-Quneitra countryside took to streets in mass rallies, expressing support for the army, national principles and the presidential election.


They also voiced support for the candidate for the Presidency,  Bashar Assad.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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