Voting Extended for Second Day at Syrian Embassy in Lebanon

Turnout surprised observers

Turning out in high numbers, Syrian citizens continued to head to the Syrian Embassy in Lebanon on Thursday to cast their ballots for the second consecutive day to elect the president of their country.


The first day of voting saw high turnout in Lebanon, with the huge numbers surprising observers in Lebanon. The turnout reflects Syrians' commitment to their constitutional rights and sovereignty of their country.


The Syrian embassy in Lebanon extended the vote for a second day following a decision by the High Judicial Committee late Wednesday to extend the voting period for one more day given the turnout. Polls were open in Lebanon from 7am to midnight.


Syria's Ambassador in Beirut Ali Abdul Karim told SANA that the ballot process was resumed at the embassy in Beirut in order to enable all Syrian citizens to practice their duty.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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