Regime Media Recognizes Existence Of Tens of Thousands Of Detainees

Judges have begun to visit detention centers in order to view the files of detainees


Judicial sources have revealed that a large number of detainees whose files have not been submitted to specialized courts will be released, noting that a number of judges were sent to detention centers in order to view the files of detainees and release those included in the recent presidential amnesty, according to pro-regime Al-Watan newspaper.


The sources said that "it is likely that the number of those released will reach tens of thousands", and stressed that the release will be under the control of the judiciary, also adding that this is an unprecedented step, and the judiciary would apply the amnesty decree accurately and transparently, noting that the decree included many crimes that were not included in the previous amnesty.


The sources indicated that nearly 3,000 detainees from Damascus and its countryside were released, arrested and convicted for various crimes included under the amnesty.


The sources said that thousands of detainees in the Terrorism Court might be released, and that the judges of the court are studying the files in detention centers, pointing out that it is expected that the process of release of those arrested may finish within a week.


The sources explained that about 80 employees at the Justice Palace in Damascus are currently preparing release permission papers and that this shows that a huge number will be released, given the large team of judges studying the files of detainees 24-hours a day.


It is likely to continue the release of detainees throughout June, considering the large numbers, especially in the Terrorism Court.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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