NCC Says People Protection Units Important For Reconstruction of Syrian Army

NCC leader says the units are helping to confront the Islamic State

An official with the internal Syrian opposition said that some parties are trying to distort the image of the People Protection Units in the self-administered areas of north-east of Syria.


The official said these units include Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Muslims and Christians, and these units can form an important core for the reconstruction of Syrian national army.


The member, from the Executive Office of the overseas branch of National Coordination Commission for Democratic Change in Syria (NCC), Khalaf Dahowd, told Italian AKI news agency that "there are attempts by some parties to distort the image of People Protection Units in the democratically self-administered areas, which confront the terrorist organization of Islamic State (IS) in order to protect Syria and its democratic and civic values."


"These units include fighters from all Syrian components, including Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Muslims and Christians, and can form an important core for the reconstruction of the Syrian national army, which will contribute to the reconstruction of future Syria," Dahowd said, also calling for all Syrians "to support all the freemen who fight IS and its regressive project."


IS is besieging areas and cities in the north and east of Syria, while People Protection Units and some tribal forces are trying to prevent IS from storming the city of Hassakeh and other cities, after regime military forces withdrew from the areas.


As for the goal of IS of controlling wide areas in northern and eastern Syria by using the advanced weapons it gained from the Iraqi army, Dahowd explained that "IS has a regressive project to establish a Caliphate State ruled by the principles and values that Syrian society with its wide spectrum of nationalities, religions and sects doesn’t accept."


"These goals conflict with the goals launched the Syrian revolution, and Islam has nothing to do with IS goals," he said.


As for the situation in Syria, Dahowd said that "the Syrian regime still clings to the military-security solution which has proved a failure for more than three years and led the country to this state of chaos and destruction."


"The regime still shells the innocent people with all kinds of weapons, including those forbidden under international law, and still arrests peaceful activists like Abdulaziz al-Khair, Rajaa an-Naser, Jalal Nawfal, Iyas Ayash and others. But the Coordination Commission will not give up the political solution, and it works silently on several levels, including on talks with the parties participating in the democratic self-administered areas and with other national and democratic forces, to form a wide, powerful and effective front that can confront the challenges facing Syria."


"We also try to explain the attitude of the Commission and its political vision based upon Geneva Statement to the countries who have influence on the Syrian crisis. We hope the new international envoy, De Mitsura, will succeed in his mission and we are willing to cooperate with him in his efforts to reach a peaceful political solution for the Syrian crisis, based upon Geneva Statement," he concluded.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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