Aleppo Military Council Suspends Command Room

Analysts predict the fall of northern capital unless all rebel factions find solution for its discords

The Aleppo military council has suspended all activities of its command room until further notice over allegations it is lacking armaments and that the council leader is monopolizing power, an operations room commander said.


Abu Ahmed (a nom de guerre) said his decision to suspend all military activists of the command room is due to mounting disputes among key rebels in Aleppo city.


Bashar Assad’s forces have made rapid advances since last month, and analysts predict the fall of northern capital unless all rebel factions find solution for its discords and make efforts to reunite again in one armed body.


In related development, the rebels' Supreme Military Council in statement issued Saturday dismissed its bloc in the Opposition Syrian National Coalition, calling on key rebel factions in Syria to appoint a new 15-member bloc.


According to the statement, obtained by Zaman al-Wasl, 16 rebel commanders in the SMC have signed the resolution.


Syria’s moderate rebel Syrian Military Council, mainly made-up of Syrian army defectors, has been accused of dealing with International powers against the rebels' will, making its armed unit, the Free Syrian Amy (FSA), a target for Islamist rebels’ assaults.


Months ago, the SMC sacked its chairman General Salim Idriss after continuous disputes and sporadic accusations over FSA’s retreat to the favor of radical groups such as the Islamic State group and the Nusra Front.


Meanwhile, Islamist armed Islamist groups have become the most powerful forces in the three-year-old uprising against Bashar Assad, who has long portrayed himself as the defender of a secular order in Syria as the death toll exceeded 171,000.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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