Qadam Reconciliation Takes Effect

Lists of gunmen names have been handed over for their legal status to be settled

A reconciliation agreement in the Damascus neighborhood of Qadam took effect on Monday, the head of the Popular Reconciliations Central Committee Sheikh Jaber Issa said Tuesday.


Issa said that efforts are underway for the agreement to cover the entire neighborhood and facilitate the return of services and local residents.


The agreement stipulates, according to Issa, that lists of gunmen’s names have been handed over for their legal status to be settled, and similar lists including the names of kidnapped individuals are to be submitted. Roadblocks and streets will also be cleared, while services will be returned to the neighborhood.


Several areas in Damascus city and countryside, including Moadamiya al-Cham, Yelda, Babila, and Barzeh, have witnessed similar reconciliations that paved the way for the restoration of security and stability and for the return of the locals who had been forced out of their homes.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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