Coalition Slams U.N. Decision to Cut Food Aid to Syrians

Hariri says decision runs contrary to strategy that international community has adopted to fight terrorism

Nasr al-Hariri, Secretary General of the Syrian National Coalition, has criticized the United Nations’ decision to cut the humanitarian aid it provides to 4.2 million Syrians ravaged by Assad’s war machine, describing this move as "unrealistic and unfair".


Hariri said that the timing of such a decision did not take into account the latest changes taking place in the Syria.


"While billions of dollars are being budgeted to fight terrorism, the U.N. has decided to cut the humanitarian aid which is considered of the most important tactical steps that cannot be ignored in this decisive phase," Hariri said.


Moreover, he said the decision runs contrary to the strategy that the international community has adopted to fight terrorism because it would create the suitable conditions for the production of extremism and terrorism among the displaced and refugees.


"The Syrian National Coalition therefore calls on the U.N. to reconsider its decision and shoulder its responsibilities in the face of the social and political unrest that is sweeping the region. It is unreasonable how the world has collectively rushed to form the anti-ISIS coalition while failing to feed hungry children and provide shelter for homeless women.”


Hariri's remarks followed the U.N. announcement that it would start cut food aid to Syrians because of a shortfall in funding.


"We decided that because of the funding shortfall, we will provide food to everybody but the normal (food) baskets have been cut to 60%," the World Food Program’s assistant executive director Elisabeth Rasmusson told AFP in an interview.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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