Alawites Demonstrate Against Regime in Tartous

Activists in regime bastion have launched a campaign calling for an end to the regime's sectarian war in Syria

For the first time in the history of the Syrian revolution, Alawites have demonstrated in the regime stronghold of Tartous, to demand the overthrow of the regime and its symbols.


Activists reported that a demonstration organized by Alawite youth came out on Tuesday in al-Arid street, in downtown Tartous, for the first time in the history of the revolution, demanding the overthrow of the symbols of the regime and the opposition.


The activists confirmed Assad forces arrested all the participants in the demonstration and they were taken to the Military Intelligence branch.


Activists in the city of Tartous, the most prominent bastion of Assad's regime, had launched a campaign entitled "Cry" in recent days, calling for an end to the regime's sectarian war in Syria, especially with the increasing number of dead Alawites.


Activists distributed leaflets reading "the chair for you and the coffin for our sons" and "the street wants to live," deploring the regime policy.


The coastal city of Tartous has been considered far from the battles for more than three years, but it recorded the largest number of dead Alawites, with as many as half of regime's forces killed (nearly 61,000) hailing from Tartous. 
The population of Tartous is about 900.000 people, 90% of them Alawite, and the remaining are 9% Christians and 1% Ismailis. The estimated proportion of Alawite employees in the departments of the state and the army is about 90%.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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