Jaafari Slams Saudi Arabia, Qatar Over Human Rights Claims

Jaafari cited media reports documenting the role of the Saudi and Qatari regimes in supporting terrorist organizations in Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the U.N., Bashar al-Jaafari has dismissed draft resolutions on human rights in Syria, submitted by the Saudi and Qatari delegations, as an “odd paradox".


Addressing a committee discussing a Saudi-Qatari proposed draft resolution on human rights in Syria, Jaafari said he found the demeanor of the delegations of Saudi Arabia and Qatar oddly paradoxical, "particularly after hundreds of reports and statements have divulged the scale of involvement of the two regimes and their Turkish ally in fueling violence, bringing international terrorism into Syria and hindering a political solution to the crisis".


He cited reports published by the American TV channel CNN last June and October documenting the role of the Saudi and Qatari regimes in supporting and funding the terrorist organizations in Syria, including those with links to Al-Qaeda such as the Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


He also referred to reports that prove the strong relations between the Qatari regime and Israel in terms of backing the Nusra Front in Syria and the abductions of U.N. personnel in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan.


Jaafari also reminded the audience of the report issued by the International Center for the Study of Radicalization according to which Saudi Arabia was ranked second among many countries in terms of sending terrorists to Syria.


He added that Interpol officials have confirmed the facilitations provided by Turkey for thousands of foreign terrorists to enter Syria.


He stressed that those who proposed the new draft resolution on Syria “are working in a systematic way to undermine the values of tolerance” in Syria have the “abominable Saudi laws applied in it. “Laws which discriminate against Saudis on the basis of skin color, race, sect or belief,” he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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