Development Minister Inspects Oncology Center, Bakery in Qamishli

Hassakeh residents are forced to travel to Damascus or other provinces in order to get the treatment

The Minister of State for the Development of the North Eastern Region, Abdullah Khalil, visited on Wednesday the oncology center currently being prepared in the city of Qamishli.


The minister was accompanied by the Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party for the Hassakeh branch, Khalaf al-Muhashem, and the governor of Hassakeh, Mohammed Zaal Ali.


Khalil spoke about the great efforts being made by government agencies to launch the project, pointing out that the center is a core part of the establishment of a hospital in the future.The center will alleviate the suffering of the citizens in Hassakeh, he said, who are forced to travel to Damascus or other provinces in order to get the treatment.


The minister also inspected the Baath party automated bakery and the Jazeera mill and water pumping station in the city. In a speech he made at the water station, the minister stressed the efforts to drill new wells for drinking water to compensate for the lack of water in some neighborhoods of Qamishli, pointing to a significant shortage of drinking water in some neighborhoods of the city during summer.


The minister stressed during his tour of the Qamishli Carpeting Industrial Unit that the completion of the administrative procedures to convert this unit into a new bakery to contribute to securing bread for all citizens.


The minister also stressed the need to create additional mills in the province to compensate for the shortage in securing materials previously secured from Aleppo.


The governor of Hassakeh pointed to the need to accelerate the work in the project, adding that the project is the fruits of coordination between the Ministry of Social Affairs (which oversees the unit) and the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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