Cabinet Approves Bill on Establishing First Instance of Appeals Court

The Cabinet also approved a bill on foster care for children as part of a comprehensive social security system

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a bill establishing the first instance and appeals courts in all Syrian provinces specializing in reviewing cases related to removing condominiums and dividing property.


The Cabinet also approved a bill on foster care for children who are deprived of familial care or are at risk of losing it, all within the framework of a comprehensive social security system.


Chairing the session, Prime Minister Wael al-Halki also denounced the Israeli aggression which targeted two areas in Damascus Countryside on Sunday, saying that this attack showed the scale of the Israeli support for terrorists in Syria as its goal was to raise terrorists’ "flagging morale"


The Cabinet also discussed a number of issues including mechanisms to distribute petroleum products, and the health sector’s role in protecting all areas from epidemics, with Halki saying that the government establishments will all be using smart cards for fuel to prevent any manipulation or wasting of fuel.


The premier also called for careful market monitoring mechanisms, increasing positive intervention in retail outlets, and ensuring the availability of seed, fertilizer, and fuel for farmers.


The Cabinet approved the memo of understanding signed between Syria and Iran in the field of electricity, and two documents on the ownership and investment of a quarry in Lattakia.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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