Assad Visit to Neighborhood a Curse, Over 80 Regime Fighters Killed

83 soldiers and officers killed in Jobar after Assad's claimed visit to al-Zablatani

Syrian rebels killed over 13 regime soldiers, including an officer, while regaining a military post in Jobar neighborhood, east of Damascus, in the afternoon of Sunday.


The rebels also destroyed two tanks, dismantling a third one.


Regime forces had massed dozens of tanks earlier in the morning in an attempt to break into Jobar, after launching four Syrian made "Barq" rockets – used for the first time, according to activists.


Regime forces had recently seized the Jobar post in a crackdown on the outskirts of the neighborhood, following Assad's visit to the area of al-Zablatani.


Activists claimed Assad's visit was a curse on his troops, where 30 soldiers were killed on the neighborhood's outskirts the next morning, and 40 more killed the following day. Yesterday, rebels also seized light and medium machine guns and weaponry after regime forces retreated from what was supposed to be an advance operation. 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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