Coalition Meetings With BSS Show Encouraging Political Movement

Monday’s meeting between the National Coalition and Building the Syrian State current resulted in an agreement on cooperation to lay the groundwork for negotiations

Deputy President of Building the Syrian State current (BSS) Mona Ghanem met with the National Coalition president Khaled Khoja to discuss how upcoming negotiations could potentially lead to a political solution.


Meanwhile Hassan Hamidoush, a member of the current’s executive office, together with Rawad Ballan participated in a consultative meeting of Syrian forces and parties in Damascus, under the title "All Roads Lead to Damascus".

The BSS emphasized continuing consultations with relevant political forces in order to produce an official meeting combining the Syrian forces, claiming the only solution to the Syrian crisis can be a political one according to negotiations based on a clear agenda and on a common ground between all Syrians.


Monday’s meeting between Ghanem and Khoja resulted in an agreement on the need to cooperate in order to lay the groundwork for negotiations between all Syrian political forces – despite the political differences between them – to reach a solution for the Syrian issue.


Hamidoush and Ballan also agreed that “all roads must lead to Damascus”, while this goal is only achievable through the participation of all forces who support a political solution.


Hamidoush stressed that the success of a political solution must be built on confidence between the regime and the opposition, claiming such a trust cannot be possible without the right to political freedoms and the release peaceful activists – such as BSS leader, Louay Hussein, Abdul Aziz al-Khair, Rajaa Nasser, Mazen Darwish and many others.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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