Defense Minister Pledges Terrorism Crackdown

Deputy commander-in-chief vows continued battle until terrorism is conquered

The Syrian army will press ahead with a crackdown against terrorist organizations until terrorism is conquered, Minister of Defense Fahd Jassem al-Freij said.


The minister’s comments came during a field visit, accompanied by General Command officers, to military sites and towns in the southern regions recently recaptured by the Syrian army.


Freij, who listened to detailed accounts by the combatants on large-scale military operations in the countryside of Damascus, Quneitra and Daraa, hailed the army’s successive military wins in the south of the country.


He considered the army’s achievements inevitable given its high morale, citing that the battle with terrorism is one that is fought on behalf of all peoples who are defending their nations.


The combatants pledged to make whatever sacrifices necessary for the dignity of the homeland.


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