Hazm Movement Merges With ash-Shamiyah Front

Opposition rebel groups unify after losing fighters in clashes with Nusra Front

The Hazm Movement has announced its dissolution, merging with ash-Shamiyah Front. The Movement issued a statement on Sunday, claiming “due to the power of the criminal regime and its supporters in the Levant, especially Aleppo, and in order to save the blood of the jihadists, Hazm Movement announces it dissolution to merge with ash-Shamiyah Front”.

The decision came after bloody clashes between the Movement and the Nusra Front, which led to the deaths of dozens of fighters from both parties in battles west of Aleppo, resulting in Nusra taking control of the majority of Hazm headquarters.

The Hazm Movement was formed on the January 25, 2014 from a dozen military factions, according to a video broadcast by the Movement. The initial statement of the Movement claimed its foundation was to correct the path of the Syrian revolution, to preserve its maxims, and to face anyone who attempts to change its goals – which are to overthrow the regime, and achieve the aspirations of Syrian people in freedom and dignity.

The announcement of the formation of the Hazm Movement was attended by the former president of the General Staff of the Free Syrian Army, Salim Idris. The Movement included unification of the following military factions: Farouk ash-Shamal Brigades, the Ninth Brigade (special forces), the First Armory Brigade, al-Iman Billah Brigade, Abu al-Harith Battalion, Ahrar as-Salamiyah Battalion, Ahbab Allah Brigade, the 60th infantry battalion, Martyr Abdul Ghaffar Hammish Battalion, Martyr Abdullah Bakar Battalion, Saraya Sawt al-Haq and Abu Saad an-Nimr Battalion.

The Hazm Movement is known for using and stockpiling large quantities of "TAW" anti-armor weapons, unlike other opposition factions in Syria. The Movement was able to destroy tens of regime vehicles in the city of Morek in the northern countryside of Hama, dubbed "the graveyard of Assad's tanks". The Movement continued to use this weapon on the eastern and north-eastern fronts of Aleppo during the regime's attempts to tighten its grip on the city.

The Movement survived one year and 35 days, announcing its decision to dissolve on March 1 to merge with ash-Shamiyah Front, one of the largest armed opposition factions in Aleppo.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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