Infant Death Rates Soar Amid Douma’s Siege

Another infant dies in Douma from starvation and lack of medicine, as the regime's siege of the city prevents citizens from accessing vital provisions

A baby has died from a lack of medicine and food in the city of Douma in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus. Activists from the city broadcast a video of the baby, Mohammad Abdul-Ghani Abdul Rauf, enshrouded before being buried.

A relative of Mohamad said in the video that he died as a result of the lack of medicine in eastern Ghouta due to the siege imposed by regime forces. The family of the baby failed to secure the medicine necessary for his treatment despite their tireless efforts. The mother’s severe malnutrition, resulting in a lack of breast milk, is also said to have contributed to Mohammad’s deteriorating health, and the general lack of powdered baby milk in the area.

Residents of Douma buried the body of Mohammad Fayez an-Nakhaz on Wednesday, who also died from a lack of necessary medication, in light of the siege imposed on the cities and towns of eastern Ghouta for the past two years.

Douma bears witness to daily deaths due to starvation or lack of medicines. Bisan Sheikh, a baby girl, died two days ago from a shortage of vaccines and milk, with the end of February seeing the deaths of five children in only six days.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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