Lethal Floods in Damascus Suburbs After Regime Closes Sewers

Closure of underground sewers leads to deadly flooding after heavy rainfall hits Damascus suburbs

Damascus neighborhoods have witnessed floods, leading to the death of two civilians and the injury of dozens on Sunday.

Heavy rain worsened flooding after the Syrian regime closed dozens of sewers earlier in the day in the main streets of the capital.

The closure of the sewers, which took place in collaboration with Damascus Governorate Council, caused significant weakness in the discharge of water flowing in the streets, resulting in high water level and dramatic flow. The move resulted in the death of two civilians and the injury of several others, in addition to the destruction of shops, and public and private facilities in a number of Damascus neighborhoods.

The security branches scattered across Damascus had earlier closed tens of sewers near the security and military points, fearing that rebels may use them to reach the heart of the capital. The closure led to the entrapment of rainwater inside these sewers, and a weakness in the discharge process, leading to an overwhelming rise in the water level.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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