Suweida Demonstrations Force Criminal Security to Release Detainees

Hundreds gather in Suweida to demand the release of young men arrested for forced military service

Hundreds demonstrated in Suweida on Saturday in the vicinity of the Criminal Security Branch in protest against the mass-arrest of young men for compulsory military service.

Local sources said that nearly 250 people from the city of Salkhad gathered in the vicinity of the Criminal Security building in the city center of Suweida, demanding the immediate release of young men arrested by the regime for forced-recruitment. The sources confirmed the demonstration continued until the Branch released the detainees.

Activists from the city of Salkhad also revealed the name of the National Defense Militia leader who committed a crime against two civilians from Hait in Daraa’s countryside. The leader, Abu al-Abbas, recently withdrew with his group from the city of Bosra Sham in the countryside of Daraa after the rebels seized the city.

The city’s residents found the bodies of two young men, Ibrahim Mahmoud al-Aqra and Mohammed Fakhri an-Nasiri, close to the new headquarters of Abu al-Abbas. The sources said the crime was deliberately committed to create tensions between the people of Daraa and Suweida.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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