Iranian General Killed in Daraa

Iranian news sources claim the military commander was killed by opposition forces in a failed attack on Daraa

Iranian sources have announced the death of Iranian Revolutionary Guard general Hadi Kajbav along with his bodyguard, Hussein Badeba, in the city of Busra al-Harir on Saturday.

According to Tasneem, a news agency with close ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Kajbav and his bodyguard were killed during clashes with members of the armed opposition forces in the city of Busra al-Harir yesterday.

The agency stated that Kajbav was the chief Iranian military leader in Syria, where he was responsible for the training of fighters of Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani pro-regime militias.

According to the agency, Kajbav was one of the first Iranian officers to arrive in Syria after the beginning of the civil war more than four years ago, fighting many battles against the Syrian opposition.

Iranian websites published news of the funeral of two Revolutionary Guards killed in clashes in as-Sayeda Zeinab district, south of Damascus, last Friday.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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