Aleppo’s Displaced Play Positive Role in Coastal Commerce

Coastal cities have adjusted to the influx of displaced people after the creation of a new economic reality

Thousands of Syrians who fled the city of Aleppo and settled in safer areas have played a major positive role on local commercial and industrial industries, especially along the Syrian coast, which has embraced nearly 1.5 million displaced people, according to media reports.

Reports confirmed that the work of Aleppo’s displaced was mostly centered on trade and small enterprises; industrial workshops, small clothing plants, maintenance centers, cafes and restaurants. Despite their limited income, traders have contributed to a decrease in consumer prices in coastal areas.

Economist Faez Ghazal said in a press statement that the community was unable to adjust the prices after hosting such a large number of displaced people, but a large segment of the displaced have contributed to the creation of a new economic reality and balanced purchase prices.

More than 10 million Syrians have been displaced inside the country as a result of the regime's bombing of residential areas.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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