No Intention to Create Alternative Opposition at Cairo: Egyptian Diplomatic Source

Official denies rumors of plans to found a new opposition, claiming that Cairo has no intention of seeking to control the upcoming conference in the Egyptian capital

A source inside the Egyptian Foreign Ministry has denied rumors of the intention to create a new Syrian opposition body to replace the Syrian National Coalition.

”The statement issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry last Saturday regarding the meeting of the Syrian opposition was clear, and it did not refer to the desire to create any new opposition bodies. The rumors resulted from additions quoted from some of those who seek to create problems in the meeting to be held in Cairo by a broader spectrum of the Syrian opposition which seeks to put up a serious project for a political solution on the basis of Geneva communique."

The source confirmed, "the Syrian opposition forces meeting in Egypt do not see any interest in the establishment of new opposition bodies after four years of the Syrian revolution. What is needed now is to try to revive the political dimension of the conflict. The Syrian forces expressed their interest in holding an expanded meeting in Egypt".

The source stressed that "Cairo does not seek to control the opposition, but only supports the Syrians in order to help them in their efforts to rise above the crisis that has befallen their country".

The source expressed his belief that the "Egyptian policy is one of the main reasons that motiated the Syrian opposition decide to meet in Cairo", adding, "there is no broad Arab support for the Egyptian efforts".

Cairo had announced it will host the conference of the Syrian opposition on June 8-9, which was scheduled during the first meeting in Cairo in January.

Spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Badr Abdul Ati explained the next conference will be held under the auspices of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs.

Abdul Ati added the announcement comes after the Cairo conference's follow-up committee agreed on the overall topics related to the arrangements for the conference, which aims to show the Syrian opposition's vision on how to end the Syrian crisis and prevent further bloodshed.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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