Signs of Withdrawal: Regime Moves Chemical Weapons From as-Sin Airport

Sources claim regime plans to evacuate strategic as-Sin airport in countryside of Damascus as chemical weapons leave the facility

According to al-Souria Net reporter in Qalamoun, Nebuchadnezzar, regime forces have transported equipment from as-Sin military airport between Damascus and Palmyra. The equipment was loaded onto large trucks seen leaving as-Sin airport at night in the direction of Dumair airport.
 A defected officer who previously served at as-Sin airport nearly a year ago confirmed to al-Souria Net the Assad regime is hiding chemical weapons at the airport. The officer quoted sources from within the airport saying that regime forces have transferred these weapons in the past two days to Dumair airport.

Speaking to al-Souria, dissident Colonel ‘Ziad’ explained the airport is the main facility used by regime's air forces to target opposition-held areas.

The colonel added that the airport is one of the significant stations used to transfer weapons, supply shipments and hundreds of Shiite mercenaries from Iraq and Iran to the battlefronts.

Ziad explained that the airport is fitted with underground hangars, and is surrounded by wide mined spaces that extend for tens of kilometers, making it one of the most fortified points in the countryside of Damascus.

Media activist Abu Huzaifa noted that Syrian opposition factions in eastern Qalamoun already besieged as-Sin airport during the battle of "Desert Storms" last year.

"Regime forces defended the airport fiercely then, using chemical weapons and Mig 29 aircrafts against the Syrian opposition forces", Abu Huzaifa said. 
The activist noted that due to unknown reasons, regime forces are withdrawing and evacuating from the airport, raising questions about the possibility of handing the airport to ISIS.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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