Ahrar al-Sham Secures Release of 42 Women From Regime Prison

Assad regime releases scores of women detainees in exchange for the bodies of pro-regime fighters

Ahrar al-Sham Movement revealed on Wednesday an exchange deal between the group and Assad's regime. The deal led to the release of 42 women from the regime prisons in al-Lajat in the countryside of Daraa.

"Ahrar al-Sham Movement in Daraa managed to release 42 detained women from Syrian regime prisons in an exchange deal for 11 bodies of pro-regime militants", the rebel group declared on Twitter.

Activists commented on the news, stating they expected the exchanged bodies to be of "senior regime army, or Iranian and Russian officers", adding "the regime does not care for the bodies of Syrian soldiers, especially if they are Sunnis".

A similar exchange deal also took place in the city of Ariha in the countryside of Idleb, during which Nusra Front managed to secure the release of 10 women and six men from a regime prison in exchange for the release of three regime soldiers.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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