Damascus Drinking Water Clean, Safe: Water Minister

Water supplies in Damascus are adequate and of good quality despite containing small amounts of sediment, says minister

Water Resources Minister Kamal al-Sheikha has assured residents of Damascus that the drinking water being supplied to the city is clean, safe, and complies with health standards.

In a statement to SANA, the minister said that the central lab of the General Establishment for Drinking Water and Waste Disposal in Damascus analyzes drinking water on a daily and hourly basis.

Sheikha explained that due to a decrease in water supplies, resources are pumped directly from wells in al-Rabweh into the network. Repeated power outages cause emergency generators to kick in and operate pumps in a sudden manner, resulting in a degree of sediment appearing in the water supply, particularly in the area of al-Mazzeh, the minister said.

Sheikha confirmed that the water supplies in Damascus are good and water is being provided in adequate amounts, with Damascus receiving water for at least six hours per day.


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