Syria Urges UN to Enforce Counter-Terrorism Resolutions

Turkey continues to conspire against the Syrian state by supporting terrorism, foreign ministry says

The Turkish government is directly responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood, Syria’s Foreign Ministry said, calling on the UN Security Council to compel states to comply with counter-terrorism resolutions.

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and Security Council, the ministry said that throughout four years of the crisis in Syria, Turkey has not ceased from conspiring against Syria by supporting and facilitating the entry of terrorists.

The ministry said the government of the Syrian Arab Republic rejects the attempts by the Turkish regime to depict itself as victim while providing many forms of support to terrorist organizations.

The foreign ministry cited the example of how the Islamic State (ISIS) is stealing petroleum, wheat, cotton, factory equipment and archeological artifacts from Syria and selling them through Turkey in exchange for weapons, ammunition, and logistical support.

The letters went on to state that Turkey continues to train and arm terrorists belonging to the Nusra Front with artillery and rocket fire when they entered Idleb province under the newly formed Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest).

The Turkish government is directly responsible for the shedding of Syrian blood, and the humanitarian suffering of millions of Syrians inside and outside Syria as a result of the Turkish government’s support for terrorism, the letters said.

The ministry refuted recent Turkish allegations asserting Syria’s army and armed forces are fighting alongside ISIS and the Nusra Front, noting journalists have published photos of Turkish soldiers exchanging pleasantries with ISIS fighters on the border between the two countries.


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