Asma al-Assad Attends Commencement Ceremony for Distinguished Students

Asmaa al-Assad made a rare public appearance

On Wednesday, Mrs. Asma al-Assad attended a graduation ceremony at the National Center for Distinguished Students at Damascus University.

In her valedictorian speech, Saleem Hanna emphasized the students’ resolve to accomplish the goals they set their hearts and minds to, motivated by the sense of responsibility to serve the homeland.

Chief of the center Iskandar Munif said that the center has aimed to be a “breeding ground” for excellence and innovation since its establishment in 2009. He hailed the Syrian political leadership for its interest in the center’s achievements. Munif also urged the graduates to bridge the gap between academia and the real world, and to continue their learning to help Syria build her future.

The National Center for Distinguished Students has endeavored to educate competent students in a climate that encourages innovation and excellence. The center has strived to help promising students hone their skills and to bring their potential into full blossom.


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