Regime Officers, Families Publicly Detained in Douma

Armed opposition factions cage regime officers and their families in response to deadly air raids targeting rebel-held areas of Douma

Syrian activists published on Sunday, November 1, images of regime officers from the town of Qardaha, countryside of Lattakia detained inside metal cages in the neighborhoods of Douma. The images were published in response to the massacres carried out by regime fighter jets over the last few days.

Syria Mubasher Network correspondents reporting fom eastern Ghouta, said "the rebel brigades in the city, where detainees from the regime army, including officers and security personnel detained in Damascus battles, were detained in cages in public areas.” The Network published the pictures without reference to the armed faction responsible for the move.

The Network claimed the women also pictured inside the cages were the wives of officers from the town of Qardaha.

Syria Mubasher reported from military sources that the move followed demands from Douma residents to deliver a message to the families of the regime officers and the Alawite community, in an attempt to show the extent of the terror and suffering experienced by the people of the city. The sources added the public detention will continue as long as regime air raids target the city.

An Enab Baladi correspondent in Douma reported that the Army of Islam is responsible for the step, and that the detainees inside the cages were arrested in the city of Adra al-Ummaliyah last year.

Douma has witnessed intensive air strikes over the past few days, leading to the death and injury of hundreds of civilians.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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