More Rebel Factions Join Syrian Democratic Forces in Aleppo, Idleb

Around 15 rebel factions merge with rebel alliance after SDF forces seize al-Hol in the eastern countryside of Hassakeh last week

Over a dozen factions in the provinces of Idleb and Aleppo have announced they are joining the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance on Tuesday, November 17.

Footage released online shows representatives of 15 opposition factions gathering as a spokesman issues a statement. According to the statement, the decision to merge follows recent developments in Syria and the expansion of terrorism in many areas, as massacres continue against the Syrian people across the country.

"[Terrorism] is represented by the Islamic State and similar organizations, in addition to the criminal Baathist [Assad] regime," the statement noted.

"The victories achieved against ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Jazeera region, in cooperation with the international coalition" motivated the factions to join the alliance, the statement added.

The newly allied factions include: Rebels Army Faction, Brigade 30, Martyrs of the Countryside of Idleb Brigade, Ayn Jalout Brigade, Brigade 99 Infantry, Hamzah Brigade, Qaqaa Brigade, Brigade 455 Special Forces, Seljuks Brigade, Regiment 102, Ahrar ash-Shamal, various tribal forces in Aleppo and its countryside, the Kurdish Front, People’s Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units.

The factions also condemned what they described as the "massacre" committed in Paris on Friday night, affirming their “solidarity with France and all nations fighting terrorism."

On Saturday, October 31, the SDF fighters declared the launch of their first military operation to liberate the southern countryside of Hassakeh province in the country’s northeastern. Forces seized the town of al-Hol in the eastern countryside of Hassakeh on November 13 after the withdrawal of ISIS forces to Shaddadi city, its main stronghold in the province.

The formation of the Syrian Democratic Forces alliance was announced on Sunday, October 11, and includes a number of Kurdish, Assyrian and Arab rebel militias units.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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