Syrian Child Witnesses Her Family Perish in Russian Massacre

The infant is now receiving medical treatment in Turkey after narrowly surviving Russian airstrike on northern city of Azaz

Hope has not left 2-year-old Riyan Abed despite losing all members of her family in Russian air raids, in which she was severely wounded and evacuated to the Turkish province of Kilis to begin treatment without anyone from her family by her side.

After Riyan’s father was killed in a Russian strike, her eight month pregnant mother moved her with her four siblings to the city of Azaz on the border with Turkey, fleeing the Russian weapons of death in search of security.

The family took up residence in one of the Azaz schools, defying the brutal circumstances they were subjected to, but Russian air strikes hit the school in which the child and her family lived, killing everyone except Riyan, who was severely wounded.

Dr. Moustafa Toushat said that Riyan “arrived two weeks ago, and most parts of her body were torn up. She underwent a successful operation and remained in intensive care,” indicating that her condition is improving day by day.

Toushat added: “Her situation is now stable. She is not suffering any problems and is undergoing a monitoring period after the operations which were carried out. She’ll leave the hospital in the coming days if no more problems appear.”

Mohammad Abed, Riyan’s uncle, who lives in Luxembourg said: “I heard news of the death of my brother’s family from local media. I came to Kilis to take care of Riyan,” expressing his thanks to the Turkish doctors for the care they gave her.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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