Hungary Allocates 200 Scholarships to Syrian Students

Hungary stands at the top of the list of European countries granting scholarships to Syrian students in a single year

For the second consecutive year, the Hungarian government has allocated 200 seats to Syrian students to attend Hungarian universities on fully-funded scholarships.

All4Syria sources said that one of the prerequisites for the study is proficiency in English. Thus, the students who intend to apply to the scholarship should improve their English language skills until next June when there will be interviews over Skype or in person.

The Hungarian government plans to set up a hospital in Syria with a budget of about 5 million euros. With this goal in mind, the former Hungarian ambassador to Syria visited the country recently and met with civil society groups, during which he spoke of tentative plans to establish the hospital in Aleppo or Homs. This visit took place despite the fact that relations between the two countries have remained cut off since 2012 when Hungary called back its ambassador and shut down its embassy.

Last year, the Hungarian government approved the funding of 50 scholarships for Syrian students at its universities and after the announcement of this scholarship more than 270 students sat for the entrance exams announced by the Stipendium Hungaricum institute months ago. After 170 students passed the exam, the government decided to raise the number of scholarships from 50 to 170, making Hungary the leading European country in the number of scholarships granted to Syrians in a single year.

Instructions have been issued to the Hungarian embassies in countries in which there are admitted Syrian students to facilitate their Schengen visa applications in order to meet school registration deadlines. Should students fail to enroll in the university this year due to their specific circumstances, they will be able to register at the start of the coming year, he concluded.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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