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Zakharova : Conditions Ripe for Complete Elimination of Terrorists in Syria

Russia has warned the US that a strike on Syria, would be playing with fire and the consequences of which could not be predicted writes SANA.
Zakharova : Conditions Ripe for Complete Elimination of Terrorists in Syria

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stressed that the conditions are ripe in Syria for achieving a qualitative leap forwards, and the return of economic activity and the complete elimination of terrorists.

In a press briefing published by Russian Media outlets, Zakharova said that Western provocations and threats to launch an aggression on Syria under the pretext of using chemical weapons will represent a strong blow not only for the exerted efforts for achieving a political settlement in the country, but also for global security in general.

She asserted that the possible aggression would be to play with fire and the repercussions couldn’t be predicted.

She refuted the allegations of the possible use of chemical weapons by Syria, reminding everyone that earlier these weapons had been completely destroyed.

Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov also warned against launching a new aggression against Syria, affirming that this would serve the interests of the terrorist organizations.

In a statement quoted by Sputnik Agency on Thursday, Antonov noted that during his meeting with representatives of the US Department of State on Aug. 27, 2018, he expressed his country’s concern over US threats to launch a new illegal aggression against Syria under the pretext of the possibility of the use of chemical weapons.

The Russian ambassador said “We warned the US against launching a new baseless and illegal aggression on Syria,” affirming that only terrorists will benefit from that.

He announced that he urged the US to propose the facts on which they have issued statements about possible use of chemical weapons by Syria in Idleb province.


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