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White Helmets: Civilians Killed and Wounded in Terrorist Attacks

Six people were killed as a result of terrorist attacks by the regime and the SDF, according to the Shaam News Agency.
White Helmets: Civilians Killed and Wounded in Terrorist Attacks
White Helmets: Civilians Killed and Wounded in Terrorist Attacks

Six people were killed, as well as seven wounded, after shelling by the forces of Assad, Russia, and the Syrian Democratic Forces, which targeted civilians in liberated areas of northwestern Syria.

The Civil Defense, known as the “White Helmets”, reported that on Saturday northwestern Syria witnessed terrorist attacks by regime forces, Russia, and SDF. The attacks targeted civilians, leaving six dead—including two children and two women. Seven others were wounded, including 3 children, while a man was killed and his wife injured by the detonation of military hardware.

The White Helmets confirmed that regime forces and Russia had committed a massacre in the town of Maarat al-Naasan, northeast of Idlib, by targeting a family sitting in front of their house with a mortar shell. The attack killed six family members (two children, two women, and two men) and left two more children with moderate wounds.

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Less than four hours after the massacre in Maarat Naasan, five civilians—including four members of the same family (a man, his wife, and two of their sons: one of whom is a child)—were “critically wounded” by the double attack of two SDF-guided missiles. The missiles targeted them on the bank of the Euphrates River on the outskirts of Jarablus, east of Aleppo.

The White Helmets stressed that direct attacks by regime forces and Russia are not the only reason for the loss of civilian lives in northwestern Syria. A man was killed, and his wife injured, by a land mine that was detonated in the town of Taftanaz. The threat of undetonated land mines and other military hardware looms as another nightmare, which threatens the lives of civilians.

Regime forces, Russia, and pro-government militias have consistently targeted towns and residential neighborhoods, massacring civilians to keep northwestern Syria in a state of limbo, between war and peace. Since the start of 2021 until Friday (February 11th), White Helmets have responded to more than 84 air and artillery attacks, which have killed 31 people and injured 73 others.


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