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What Happened at the People’s Palace and Why Has Assad Replaced His Guards?

British Telegraph newspaper claims the recent hospitalization and arrest of a number of senior regime figures was due to their participation in a foiled coup attempt
What Happened at the People’s Palace and Why Has Assad Replaced His Guards?

Colorful reports on a crackdown among members of the ruling elite in Damascus continue to arrive daily, with Iranian analyst Amir Mousawi claiming the recent hospitalization of Syria’s National Security Bureau chief Ali Mamlouk was due to “overeating”.

News on the fate of the three central pillars of Assad's regime has been reported, confirming that Ali Mamlouk, Mohammed Nassif Kheir Beik and Thu al-Himmah Shalish have all entered ash-Shami Hospital.

Informed sources confirmed to Siraj Press the three men were attempting a coup, following communications with President Bashar al-Assad’s uncle, Rifaat Assad.

Prior to their arrest, President Assad and his brother, Maher, apprehended their cousin, Munther Jamil, after accusations the family member was plotting a military coup with Rifaat, who currently resides in Paris.

The source said: "check the video clip of Assad's recent speech and you will find that Thu al-Himmah Shalish – who usually accompanies Bashar as his shadow – is not there. After the news about the coup attempt, Iran ordered Bashar and Maher al-Assad to replace their personal guards and appoint Iranians instead of Alawites”.

British newspaper The Telegraph reported the news of Ali Mamlouk's arrest from "well-informed" sources, after news of his participation in a coup attempt to topple President Bashar Assad in cooperation with Rifaat Assad and a number of foreign countries, including Turkey.

The Telegraph reported Mamlouk was arrested in his house for masterminding a coup attempt, after clear disagreements over Iran's role and its increased involvement and control over decision-making in Syria.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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