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What Happened Over the Weekend in Syria

Turkish attack on regime positions, COVID spreads in Syria, and Russia compares Ukrainian army with "Syrian terrorists". Catch up on everything that happened over the weekend.
No Trade-off Between Syria and Ukraine for Moscow
What Happened Over the Weekend in Syria

On Sunday, a Turkish drone targeted the positions of the Syrian government forces stationing in the town of Tel Rifaat in the northern countryside of Aleppo, north Syria. According to North Press, a Turkish drone targeted the hill of Tel Rifaat, on the outskirts of the city, where the Syrian government forces are deployed, but no casualties were reported. There is a police station and the State Civil Status Department in the vicinity of the densely populated hill.

The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed that terrorists from the al-Nusra Front suffered burns while transporting containers containing toxic materials to a village adjacent to the areas controlled by the Syrian Army in Idleb countryside, The Syria Times reported. Deputy head of the Russian Coordination Center in Hemeimeem, Admiral Oleg Goravlev, noted that the ” al-Nusra Front” terrorist organization transported containers containing a toxic substance that may be chlorine to the village of Kafr Lusin in Idleb. And because of negligence in dealing with these materials, one of the containers was seriously damaged, causing chemical burns to about 15 terrorists from the organization as a result of the leakage of the toxic substance, Admiral Goravlev added.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the methods of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist are similar to the practices of the terrorists in Syria. “The Ukrainian National Brigades of Extremists use four-wheel-drive vehicles equipped with heavy-caliber weapons or mortars, and this tactic was used by international terrorists in Syria,” the Russia Today website quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying in a statement. The statement added that, according to intelligence data, Ukrainian nationalists continue to deploy missiles and artillery in residential areas of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities, which could lead to serious consequences.

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The Executive Secretary of the World Peace Council (WPC) Iraklis Tsavdaridis, strongly condemned the Western unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria, affirming that they constitute a flagrant violation of international law and the UN Charter SANA reported.  Tsavdaridis renewed, during his meeting with the Syrian ambassador in the Cuban capital, Havana, Dr. Idris Maya, the WPC’s support to Syria, stressing that the Council will spare no effort in unveiling the U.S. and Western imperialist policies, holding them responsible for the damages inflicted upon Syria.

The Syrian Ministry of Health recorded on Saturday 105 new coronavirus cases in Syria, 210 recoveries, and 3 deaths. The Ministry said in a statement that the total tally of the coronavirus cases reported in Syria has reached 54.380, of which 46.728 have recovered, while 3.068 have passed away.

The Syrian Civil Defense on Saturday put out nine fires that broke out in opposition-held northwestern Syria in the past 24 hours. According to Zaman al-Wasl, The White Helmets firefighting teams said the fires included 4 houses, makeshifts, a bakery, and a primitive oil refinery station. The Civil Defense teams, also, put out the fire in a fuel station in the al-Halwaniyah district in the Jarablus region at Friday midnight, and a fire in one of the primitive fuel refining stations in the village of Tarhin in the countryside of Aleppo.

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