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Western Recognition of Terrorism Came Late: Jafaari

Jaafari cites rape, sexual abuse, abduction, human trafficking and murder among other various atrocities that have been inflicted upon women in Syria
Western Recognition of Terrorism Came Late: Jafaari

Syria on Tuesday reiterated its support for sincere international efforts aimed at putting an end to the crimes of terrorist organizations.


Syria’s Permanent Representative to the U.N., Bashar al-Jaafari, also said Syria supports efforts to find a mechanism for bringing to account the governments of states which have been involved in the export of terrorists and the spread of the takfiri mentality.


Jaafari was addressing a U.N. Security Council session held to discuss 'Women, Peace and Security’.


Highlighting the negative impact of extremist thinking and terrorist crimes which have taken a severe toll on women in Syria since the outset of the terrorist war against it in 2011, Jaafari warned that repercussions will not be limited to Syria.


Now that terrorism has "knocked on the door of the countries which have continuously denied its existence in Syria and exploited women and girls in those countries", he asked, "Isn’t it high time that the countries which are involved in this terrorist war reconsider their criminal calculations and halt their support to terrorism in Syria?”


He citied rape, sexual abuse, abduction, human trafficking and murder among other various atrocities that have been inflicted upon women in Syria.


Jaafari expressed regret that the so-called "international community" has “shamefully” rejected and denied all the efforts of the Syrian delegation, lashing out at the U.N. and the West's preoccupation in making baseless accusations against Syria and fabricating lies against its government with the aim of undermining the Syrian state’s sovereignty.


He criticized the U.N. Secretary General and his representatives’ delay in admitting the fact that there is terrorism in Syria. “Yes, most of the member states were late in responding to the Syrian government in its war against terrorism,” he said.


While some Security Council member states and other countries’ are "bragging about the millions they paid for helping Syrian women inside Syria and in the camps placed in neighboring countries", Jaafari said, "these very countries impudently ignore that the policies of their governments against Syria that have been the main reason for aggravating the situation for Syrian women".


“Of course, we don’t forget the recruitment of girls acting upon fatwas for so-called 'sex jihad’, with France, Tunisia, Belgium, Germany, the U.S. and Britain believed to be the main exporters of those naiive and blinded girls,” he said, reminding the council that the terrorist groups have facilitated these girls’ passage into Syria across the borders of Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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