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US Forces Move Some ISIS Leaders and Liquidates Others

US forces have reported entered Syria to liquidate members of the Islamic State, while moving other members to their base in Hassakeh writes The Syria Times.
US Forces Move Some ISIS Leaders and Liquidates Others

The American occupation continues to invest in Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists to serve its plans, while a group of American occupation forces liquidated a number of leaders of the terrorist organization in a prison in Hassakeh countryside.

Local sources said that a group of the US occupation officers entered al-Malikiyah prison and liquidated five leaders of ISIS.

The sources pointed out that the group came from Iraqi territory through the illegal al-Walid crossing to carry out the mission and returned immediately via the road from which they came.

Simultaneously, local sources from Hassakeh indicated that the American occupation forces transported three leaders of the terrorist organization by helicopter from al-Sinaa prison in the Ghuwairan neighborhood in Hassakeh to their illegal bases in the countryside of Hassakeh and the al-Omar oil field in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

The American occupation forces continue to invest in ISIS terrorists by transferring them from prisons in northern Syria to implement Washington’s plans in the region, and sometimes to liquidate a number of takfiri leaders as part of their attempts to hide the evidence of their involvement in supporting ISIS terrorists.


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