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United Efforts Needed to Protect Pan-Arabism: Assad

Assad says Algeria and Syria have a shared history in confronting terrorism
United Efforts Needed to Protect Pan-Arabism: Assad

President Bashar Assad on Wednesday met a delegation from the Algerian National Committee for Supporting Syria, praising the Algerian understanding of a shared past.


The Algerian committeecomprises Algerian political, media and academic figures and is chaired by Ramadan Boudlaa.


During the meeting, Assad confirmed that the Algerian people's support for Syria isn't surprising, given their people's similar experience in confronting terrorism. Assad added that the Syrian and Algerian people share an honorable history of confronting colonialism.


Assad said events in the region call for united efforts by Arab elite figures and nationalists to create an intellectual deterrent capable of protecting the pan-Arab ideal and nationalist spirit to confront foreign and extremist plots.


Members of the delegation confirmed the Algerian people's support for the resolve of the Syrian army and people in the face of terrorism, seditious plots and division backed by regional and international sides, stressing that these projects target all Arabs, not just Syrians.


They voiced confidence that Syria, as the symbol of resistance and the first defender of Arab causes and interests, will be victorious.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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