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UN-Hosted Exhibition Highlights Assad’s War Crimes

Exhibition showcasing images of torture and killing inside regime facilities to be held inside the corridors of the United Nations
UN-Hosted Exhibition Highlights Assad’s War Crimes

The U.S. and a number of other countries have sponsored an exhibition to be held at the United Nations headquarters in New York highlighting the torture of victims who perished inside regime detention centers.

The exhibition will present images from the Syrian dissident known as Caesar, who documented the torture and killing of more than 11,000 civilians inside the Syrian regime's prisons, according to the Associated Press news agency.

The photos will be distributed between the General Assembly Halls and the Secretariat. The exhibition will be hosted by the missions of France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Britain and the United States, and it will continue until March 20.

According to the organizers, the exhibition aims to draw the world's attention to the crimes committed by the Syrian regime in an innovative way, especially since the Security Council of the United Nations could not hold those who committed these crimes accountable.

The political adviser for the opposition’s Alliance For a Democratic Syria, Mouaz Mustafa, said: "I hope the representatives of Iran, Russia and the Syrian regime in the United Nations see these images as part of their daily work routine in order to see the sufferings they caused to Syrian people".

It is noteworthy to say that this exhibition comes after the United Nations threatened to publish the names of government officials implicated in war crimes, as a first step to send them to trial.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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