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Ukraine in Exchange for Syria: the Deal Putin Rejected

Putin did not agree to give up on president Assad in Syria in exchange for greater influence in Ukraine, according to al-Baath.
Ukraine in Exchange for Syria: the Deal Putin Rejected
Ukraine in Exchange for Syria: the Deal Putin Rejected

Syrians may think they are not interested in the escalation and possible war in Ukraine, but the fact is that Syria is deep inside this issue. 

According to leaks, the Americans have been negotiating with the Russians over the past weeks an exchange of influence between Ukraine and Syria. This means that according to U.S. leaks, Washington offered Moscow to end its commitment with Syria and leave the Syrian issue once and for all. This would come in exchange for the Americans promising to the Russians that Ukraine would be a complete political subordinate to Moscow and also pledging not to include Ukraine in NATO and allow Moscow to reshape the political system there, including the president, according to what Moscow sees fit for its interests. 

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The same leaks say that Moscow rejected this offer and informed Washington that it is committed to Ukraine and sticking to its alliance with Syria and the political system led by President Assad. President Putin even went further and sent the latest combat systems in the field of intercontinental ballistic missiles and bombers to the Hemeimeem base and began preparing for Russian maneuvers from this base. He then sent his Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, to Damascus to meet President Assad. 

Syria and the war on it cannot be viewed in isolation from international conflicts as a whole. The status of the Syrian economy and Syria’s current economic potential cannot be considered independently from the international economic conflict and its consequences for all countries of the world. It is also linked to the security, political and military sides.


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