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Ugaidi Attacks the Coalition for National Army Project

Ugaidi pointed out inconsistencies in the Coalition’s condemnations
Ugaidi Attacks the Coalition for National Army Project

The head of the Aleppo Military Council has visited a quarter in the city, meeting with the heads of local councils, in addition to the leaders of the Badr Martyrs battalion.


"The project we are heading to is a national project, and the nation is bigger than any division in the Free Syrian Army,” Colonel Abdel-Jabbar al-Ugaidi said during the meeting.


“Today both the east and the west are playing with us.”


"We must gather all our efforts to become the decision-makers and we should depend on the honest politicians among us in this country, who didn’t leave Syria,” he continued.


“While we don’t accuse those who left the country of being dishonest, the majority of the politicians abroad work for their own personal benefit, focusing on what will they benefit from the revolution and not what will they give the revolution.”


Ugaidi called for an integrated political-military project that is dependent on those inside Syria.


"Because those outside Syria are playing with us, to the extent that they condemn what we do. For example, when we liberated Khan al-Assal, both the regime and the Coalition condemned it. Indeed, the Coalition wanted to form a committee to investigate,” he said.


Pointing out inconsistencies in the Coalition’s approach, Ugiaidi said: "Before the liberation of Khan al-Assal, there was a massacre in Rasm an-Nafl, where the regime executed 91 people, including women and children, and threw them in a well.”Ugaidi claimed.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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