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U.N.: Catastrophic Situation in Raqqa, 80 Percent of Buildings Destroyed

United Nations official highlights the dangers of unexploded ordinance and mines in the eastern city, SANA reports
U.N.: Catastrophic Situation in Raqqa, 80 Percent of Buildings Destroyed

The United Nations confirmed that Raqqa city is living in tragic conditions, noting that 70-80 percent of its buildings were devastated.

“The U.N. assessment mission visited Raqqa city on April 1 to assess the humanitarian situation there, and clarified that there are large quantities of unexploded ordnance and mines,” Tass news agency quoted U.N. Assistant Secretary-General Ursula Muller as saying in a report submitted to U.N. Security Council session Wednesday.

“Remarkable damage was caused to infrastructure in the city, which suffers the lack of basic public services,” Muller said.

“An estimated 70-80 percent of all buildings inside Raqqa city are destroyed or damaged,” she added, pointing out that every week there have been scores of casualties reported due to the explosion of mines and shells.

Hundreds of victims and tens of thousands of displaced civilians are the result of the systematic destruction of Raqqa city by the so-called U.S.-led coalition allegedly formed to fight Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization in Syria in general and in Raqqa in particular.

During a U.N. Security Council session held a week ago to discuss the humanitarian situation in Raqqa, Syria’s enoy to the U.N. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the U.S.-led coalition had completely destroyed Raqqa city under the pretext of fighting ISIS terrorists.

He said that the true “achievements” of the so-called international coalition were killing thousands of innocent civilians using the dirtiest kinds of weapons and destroying Syrian infrastructure, including dams, bridges, hospitals, schools, developmental facilities and economic resources.

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