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Turkish Media: Army & Allies Completed Preparations for Military Operation in Syria

Media outlets in Turkey expect the operation to begin next week, according to Baladi News.
Turkish Media: Army & Allies Completed Preparations for Military Operation in Syria

Turkish media said that the Turkish army and factions of the Syrian National Army have completed preparations and are waiting for Ankara’s order to start a new cross-border operation in northern Syria.

The Turkish newspaper, Sabah Daily, reported that the Turkish army had taken combat positions around the cities of Tel Rifaat and Manbij.

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The newspaper pointed out that the objectives of the Turkish military operation have already been determined, which will be carried out simultaneously in Tal Rifaat and Manbij.

In addition, the correspondents of the Turkish newspaper, Hürriyet Daily News, who visited the areas of operations planned by the Turkish armed forces in northern Syria, said that the start of operations would be this week.

The contact lines between the areas under the control of the Syrian regime, Russia and the SDF forces and the corresponding areas controlled by the Syrian National Army are witnessing security and military tensions that have recently increased after Turkish threats to launch a military operation aimed at establishing a safe area 30 km wide inside Syria in the north of the country and the removal of the SDF from the border.


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